“Hang the queers”, Hung Him

perspective on a clean social media presence:

“It’s the queers they should be hanging, not the flag…,” This quote found it’s way to The Ottawa Citizen, CBC, Global News, The Star, Huffington Post, Queen’s Journal, National Post,  The Whig, and many other News sources.  What is especially appalling about this statement is it came from Rick Coupland; previous faculty member of St. Lawrence College. Rick was immediately fired and St. Lawrence College provoked quick public relations to ensure the integrity of the college.

Our social media persona affects our image. In Business, it is important to have an online presence while it is paramount that our online presence is respectful, mindful, and business acceptable.  The ways in which to keep a clean online presence is very extensive; here are a few key things to consider.

An account, no matter how high the security, should always be respectful. CBC reported the case of a teacher, Ashley Payne, who posted photos on Facebook of herself with beers while on vacation. Though Ashley’s security settings were “high”, a parent saw and reported the photos which resulted in job loss.

Be mindful of photos, comments, and  “likes”. Comments on social media pages that are not your own are often public. You never know who might be a member of the same groups or knows someone you know.

Good social media presence can get us hired! Jobcast.net says 32% of employers who screen candidates via social media found information that caused them to hire.  On the other hand, having no social media can cost us a job. Employers may think that we are hiding something, aren’t tech savvy, or find competitors who have inviting online auras.

You are encouraged to research additional ways in which to create a clean, approachable digital image to develop a respectful, mindful, business safe online face.

Marketing Interview with Aleisha Proudfoot, Kingston Life Magazine

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Aleisha Proudfoot of Kingston Life Magazine. Though Aleisha’s official title is Sales, she says, “I wear many hats.”

Kingston Life Magazine is a colorful, engaging source for community focused articles related to lifestyle, arts, culture, and entertainment. This is one of two reasons why I was interested in speaking with Aleisha I’m deeply interested in each and every one of these topics. Personally, I could read a Kingston Life Magazine word for word, front to back.

The other reason I was interested in Kingston Life is that, from a very young age I’ve always had an unspoken interest in creating or working for a magazine.

I found Aleisha to be exceptionally easy to contact and communicate with. Upon emailing her, I received a response back right away and communicating to secure the appointment was with great ease.

Upon arriving at the Kingston Life office, I was greeted with a bright, welcoming smile as Aleisha approached with an outstretched hand to shake. I’m not one to get very nervous but the slight bit that I felt was immediately washed away.

After a short tour of the warm, comfortable environment we went into a board room to chat about the life of a sales rep with a magazine. “Lists, lists, lists. I’m big on writing lists to stay organized,” says Aleisha. During our conversation, I quickly discovered that the day in the life of a magazine sales representative is tremendously busy. Aleisha happily noted that she prefers a busy day with variety. Typically, much of her time is spent contacting Kingston Life Advertising clients to arrange or secure their ad space. Dead lines are a critical, daily, routine however, micromanaging isn’t a factor so Aleisha is able to schedule her days as she sees fit. 

Many doors are opened while working at Kingston Life. Due to her position and networking, Aleisha was awarded a gratifying position on the board of the Chamber of Commerce. I had the pleasure of being informed and invited to a Chamber of Commerce Mingle, which I most definitely will attend. Networking is in high priority for a sales representative of a magazine. With bright eyes, Aleisha professed that networking and establishing welcomed friendships with clients is one of the most satisfying elements of her job.

According to Aleisha, she “got lucky” and her involvement with Kingston Life just, “fell into my lap.” Kingston Life, Kingston This Week, and the Kingston Whig Standard, all function under the same umbrella company. Upon first being employed, Aleisha worked for the news paper in a separate office. All three of these organization segments operated from different office space. Of course, it became obvious to the organization that it would be logical to combine the news papers and magazines into the same location. Upon having done this, Aleisha’s position shifted from the news paper segment to Kingston Life Magazine.

While recounting this story, words were being smothered by the transparent buoyant energy and enlightened attitude that Aleisha undoubtedly feels. Gratitude and appreciation run deep here.

Like most planned conversations go, I did veer away from my hurriedly jotted notes to ask a question with more of a personal nature. As someone who very much enjoys the Kingston Life Magazine (and the sister magazines, Weddings and Interior) I  had to ask which articles Aleshia most prefers. Initially, Aleshia seemed perplexed. How could one choose a few articles when all of them are great reads? After a few moments of consideration, I was informed that Aleisha is a Foodie; it felt that this couldn’t be expressed enough. “I really enjoy going out to try new restaurants in Kingston”. So, it goes without saying that Aleisha enjoys the “Food and Drink” section. In addition, “I really like the Editor’s Letter. It gives the magazine a feeling of transparency.” says Aleisha. Letters from Kingston concluded the list of favourite articles. “It’s always a very interesting article and I love the the artwork by Tim (Alblas).” At this time, Aleisha began scurrying around the room looking for something. She quickly arrived back with a number of previous magazines to show me various works of art by Tim. I have to admit, I agree that Tim Alblas’ creative works are quite captivating and a gorgeous addition to the magazine.

To summarize (I hate it when people summarize with those words… yikes), I was very pleased with my time spent with Aleisha. She was exceptionally pleasant, easy to speak with and quite informative. Though I’ve always had a deep interest in magazines, both for recreation and career, I truly feel that I have a much better feel for the inner workings of the industry. A number of assumed factors were confirmed while some new information was learned. Aleisha was kind enough to provide alternative networking options, which I feel will be paramount in my future success and am very grateful for. And of course, I will most certainly be proceeding with the networking advice that has been provided to me.

(Thank you Aleisha Proudfoot)

– Kingston Life, Weddings, and Interiors are all available for sale (at a fair price of $3.50) at many local magazine stands. I genuinely, highly recommend adding Kingston Life to your must have lists.

Check out the Kingston Life Web Site!

Advertising & Marketing… are you playing with fire?

Advertising & Marketing seems simple, right? How complicated can it be? Create business/service and advertise- simple.

That’s what I thought.

Years of running businesses with good times and bad, I finally came to a revelation: I had no clue as to what I was doing.

Upon entering into the educational system to make my endeavors stronger, I quickly learned three things- 1. I was right, I had no idea what I was doing and 2. There are so many variables to consider while Advertising & Marketing, 3. I’m really good at this stuff! 

What are we all doing wrong?

Probably almost everything. No, you don’t want to hear that because you’re likely one of those people who is exceptional at various tasks.

But, it’s the truth and until you accept that you’re likely making many advertising mistakes, nothing will change.

As a matter a fact, you could be doing everything right but one tiny hiccup in the process will destroy everything you desire.

Have you ever played Jenga? That’s advertising & marketing in a nut shell.

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Never forget to fill your life with gratitude.

We often travel through the moments with little consideration of the millions of the small and large things, opportunities, and people for which we must be grateful for.

Gratitude will make you a stronger, more likeable person. And, as a bonus, you will find a warmth within you.

Talk about a win win situation!