“Hang the queers”, Hung Him

perspective on a clean social media presence:

“It’s the queers they should be hanging, not the flag…,” This quote found it’s way to The Ottawa Citizen, CBC, Global News, The Star, Huffington Post, Queen’s Journal, National Post,  The Whig, and many other News sources.  What is especially appalling about this statement is it came from Rick Coupland; previous faculty member of St. Lawrence College. Rick was immediately fired and St. Lawrence College provoked quick public relations to ensure the integrity of the college.

Our social media persona affects our image. In Business, it is important to have an online presence while it is paramount that our online presence is respectful, mindful, and business acceptable.  The ways in which to keep a clean online presence is very extensive; here are a few key things to consider.

An account, no matter how high the security, should always be respectful. CBC reported the case of a teacher, Ashley Payne, who posted photos on Facebook of herself with beers while on vacation. Though Ashley’s security settings were “high”, a parent saw and reported the photos which resulted in job loss.

Be mindful of photos, comments, and  “likes”. Comments on social media pages that are not your own are often public. You never know who might be a member of the same groups or knows someone you know.

Good social media presence can get us hired! Jobcast.net says 32% of employers who screen candidates via social media found information that caused them to hire.  On the other hand, having no social media can cost us a job. Employers may think that we are hiding something, aren’t tech savvy, or find competitors who have inviting online auras.

You are encouraged to research additional ways in which to create a clean, approachable digital image to develop a respectful, mindful, business safe online face.

4 thoughts on ““Hang the queers”, Hung Him

    1. Great questions. It’s been so long since I wrote that article. I’d have to look into those things. I do know that there’s a stigma about teachers who drink, at least those who drink in excess. I think that the teacher in question was presenting a very college girl party line image, which would be too much.

      Personally, I’d expect a teacher to need a few glasses of wine after an especially rough day with 25-30 children. I don’t know how educators do what they do and with such drive and motivation. My hat is off to teachers.

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      1. Well said! I actually Googled it and was shocked to see that she had been forced to resign. Even worse, this caused the court to dismiss her unfair dismissal claim since she had not actually been fired. Oh, Georgia…


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