Advertising & Marketing… are you playing with fire?

Advertising & Marketing seems simple, right? How complicated can it be? Create business/service and advertise- simple.

That’s what I thought.

Years of running businesses with good times and bad, I finally came to a revelation: I had no clue as to what I was doing.

Upon entering into the educational system to make my endeavors stronger, I quickly learned three things- 1. I was right, I had no idea what I was doing and 2. There are so many variables to consider while Advertising & Marketing, 3. I’m really good at this stuff! 

What are we all doing wrong?

Probably almost everything. No, you don’t want to hear that because you’re likely one of those people who is exceptional at various tasks.

But, it’s the truth and until you accept that you’re likely making many advertising mistakes, nothing will change.

As a matter a fact, you could be doing everything right but one tiny hiccup in the process will destroy everything you desire.

Have you ever played Jenga? That’s advertising & marketing in a nut shell.

I’ve seen some amazing businesses with a horrible location- crashed. I’ve seen great products that are marketed to “everyone”, which never works and is a severe strain on budget. I’ve seen long time successful businesses suddenly vanish because the CEO’s were unable to adapt and understand social media and integrated marketing.

In short, if you don’t have a strong, efficient background and understanding of advertising & marketing, it is very likely that you are doing something wrong.
When the business collapses a game of Jenga, you may be second guessing denial to allocate budget to hire and advertising & marketing specialist.

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